The Granite Companies

The Granite Companies

Rates & Payment Terms

Most of GCI’s inspections are construction draw inspections and performed on new construction or remodeling transactions. Residential fees are detailed below and commercial inspection fees will vary depending on the scope, size and specific needs of project. Status inspections, modular coordination, ALTA or cost-to-cure, workout, clear-lot, forensic and pre-start/audit inspection rates are determined prior to assignment.

Inspection Fee Schedule
Standard Construction Draw or Progress Inspections within the base area of operation, up to 25 miles from inspector, are paid out at GCI's standard rate (please call for current rates). Other types of inspections will earn fees based on the scope, size and specific needs of the project.

Commercial inspection fees are determined based on the scope, size and specific needs of project.

Payment Terms
Inspector payments are issued weekly through GCI’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system on all complete inspection packages (including report and photos) submitted through GCI’s website. All packages submitted via the website by 2:00PM MST on Wednesday will be processed for EFT payment on the following Tuesday. For inspectors not enrolled in EFT payment, live checks are issued on the last Thursday of each month. NOTE: Any up charges must be submitted and approved by GCI management in advance of payment.

Download Inspector Questionnaire & Application for Sole Inspector or Multiple Inspectors
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