The Granite Companies

The Granite Companies

Inspection Procedures

GCI’s inspectors work from a standardized process to deliver a professional quality inspection each and every time.  Here is a brief overview of the GCI Inspection Process. 

STEP 1: GCI submits inspection assignments to inspectors via the GCI website with additional notification made via phone, email, or text as determined by inspector. 

STEP 2: Inspector accepts assignment and schedules site visit with contractor/owner via the GCI website by 12:00PM (local time) the following business day, if not sooner. 

STEP 3: Inspector downloads the inspection field report, the budget detailing line items for inspection, photo requirements, schedule, plans and specifications (if applicable) for assigned inspection from the GCI Website.

STEP 4: Inspector conducts a thorough inspection by completing the inspection field report, taking the requisite photographs of applicable budgeted items and items pointed out by site contacts. Any discrepancies or items outside of project scope should be noted and photographed for submission to GCI.

STEP 5: Inspector completes the online inspection report and uploads inspection photos via the GCI website within 36 hours of receiving the inspection order for residential inspections. For commercial inspections, deliverables must be posted to the GCI website by close of business on date of inspection. Inspector should provide GCI with any additional information such as corrections, pertinent issues, or change orders, etc.

Download Inspector Questionnaire & Application for Sole Inspector or Multiple Inspectors
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