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Word from the Home Office
GCI Inspector Training Program
by Victor Gallardo, Inspector Compliance & Training Coordinator

As we continue to expand our services and products, it's getting exceedingly difficult to advise our Inspectors of every type of inspection we conduct. It's no longer about having the Inspector simply take photos and update percentages of completion, but rather each site visit has become client-specific. During the past year and a half, our client requirements and requests have become more and more specific and require additional customization. We have gone from a residential 'cookie cutter' format to inspections that are like 'custom cars!'

With that being said, during these hard economic times, the information we provide to our clients is critical. Each piece of the product is being scrutinized. Photos, as always, have played an important part in the report and will often vary from inspection to inspection. Whether for a construction draw inspection, feasibility report, or a HUD property, there are now many new requirements that we must meet for each of these deliverables. In the past, training our Inspectors has always been conducted over the phone on an individual basis. GCI has been working diligently to create a training program for our Inspectors on the varying aspects and requirements for all of our inspection types. We are dedicated to providing training courses (possibly through Webinars) for each inspection product so that we may be able to advise our Inspectors on the different requirements and expectations required of them in the field.

GCI will soon be able to provide training for the following types of inspections:
• Basic Draw Inspections
• Pre-Close (Feasibility) Inspections
• HUD-QC Inspections
• Commercial Inspections

Regardless of the inspection type, we do have minimal requirements for each of our inspections. The most highly valued and often neglected requirement is Communication! For example, many times an appointment is required for the inspection but many Inspectors do not call GCI to advise us of the scheduled date and time if it is different that the confirmed date on the website. Other times, the Inspector does not accept the inspection assignment via the website or call GCI to have us accept the inspection on their behalf. As should be noted, if the Inspector does not accept the inspection on the website or communicate that it has been accepted then the order may be reassigned. Many times, this can be avoided with a simple phone call.

The GCI Team encourages everyone to keep up the good work and communicate with us so that we may continue to assist you in the field. We in turn will continue to assist you in further training. We look forward to rolling out our training program very soon. Please call GCI @ 800-919-8903 should you have any questions about these critical elements or any other portion of our process.

- The GCI Inspection Team

Mark PenthenyInspector of the Quarter

The new edition of GCI’s Construction Inspector Review E-Newsletter awarded Mike Plavsity of Avondale, AZ “Outstanding in the Field” for his timely service and dedication to quality inspections. Congratulations, Mike!

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